Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year! It's been a little while since my last post, but I'm still baking! Rght now I have some Cinnamon Raison Walnut Swirl bread from Peter Reinhart's " The Bread Baker's Apprentice" proofing in some loaf pans. (which I got from my gran'ma and gran'pa for Christmas.) Pictures to come later!

Last week I made 3 French baguettes from TBBA. They actually came out pretty good. My family loved them, especially Mom and Dad. I think my dad ate almost a whole loaf himself! I wasn't complaining.

On News Years Eve I made Pretzels following the recipe on The Fresh Loaf. They were delicious, even better then the first time I made them. I have pictures of them!


Karen Downing said...

Wow, I am super impressed that you made these pretzels! They looks yummy! And I love your blog headline picture, adorable!

Colette said...

Thanks so much! I've found an even better pretzel recipe. It's the one on Food Network's site, by Alton Brown. They truly taste and look like genuine soft pretzels. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of them but when I make them again (and believe me, I will make them again) I'll take pictures.