Sunday, December 9, 2007

Adventures in Bread Baking.

Well, today I made my first loaf of bread! It was very strange, I wasn't expecting it to bake well once I saw that it had barely even doubled while proofing, but it did! It came out crispy on the outside, chewy and bread-like on the inside. Very yummy! My brother and sister said they wouldn't have guessed it was homemade if I hadn't told them. Unfortunately, my mom turned some store bought bread into garlic cheese bread, so my bread was kind of pale in comparison and everyone had mostly the garlic bread. Oh well, I thought it tasted great!

I didn't exactly have a recipe for it, I was just fooling with some techniques I had read about on
Here are some pictures:

Toasted, with butter:


Malou said...

WOW, glad for you in your adventures in bread baking. I have never tried it but would love to in the future. Looking forward to read more.

Colette said...

Thanks you! I's definitely exciting, wondering if it'll come out good or not while rising and baking. Makes me nervous!