Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unholy Ciabatta -

Poolish Ciabatta

I attempted the Poolish Ciabatta from Bread Baker's Apprentice today. No big holes, but still pretty yummy. I was wonder, should I have baked it upside down?
I'm trying to figure out why I had such a small crumb. I did my best not to degass it or anything...did I not give it enough of a work out when kneading it? It really left me a bit depressed.

Poolish Ciabatta

Poolish Ciabatta

Poolish Ciabatta

Oh family still thought it tasted good.


Lesley said...

I had precisely the same results following that recipe. Most recipes in that book are wonderful, but my ciabatta looks exactly like still tasted good though.

Colette said...

It's sort of nice to know I'm not the only one! I was told by a few people that it needs more hydration. I think maybe the recipe isn't wet enough. Next time I'm definitely adding more water, and I'm going to be even MORE careful when handling it.

Angel said...

Your bread looks amazing!!! I can't believe how nice it looks. Maybe mine will be more like yours next time.