Friday, March 21, 2008

Prepping for Easter Brunch: Part 2

Okay, so here's an update, with pictures! =3

We bought Easter yellow tulips and my dad finally made a (beautiful) coffee table for my mom, and my sister painted it:


We got Easter azaleas:


We got the cutest bunny salt and pepper shakers:


Are French Toast Casserole is soaking in the fridge, awaiting it's oh-so-buttery praline topping:


The Roast Pork is sitting in the fridge (and it smells so good!):



And I'm baking all day tomorrow, so I need a good night sleep! We rented August Rush, so I'm gonna sit down with Mommy and Daddy and watch it!

See you tomorrow with fresh baked cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and raisin bread!


Karen said...

Wow, you've all been very busy! I wish I was as prepared as you. I'm doing all of my baking Saturday.

Colette said...

And I'll be baking right along with you ^_- I have the coffee cake in the oven right now!