Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pizza Party!!

 This months darking bakers challenge was pizza! It was really a blast making this challenge. I invited  two of my bestest friends, Sarah and Heather over and we tossed pizzas until we dropped them on the floor. (but still ate them anyway)

-AHEM- Video! Here's the video of me tossing the pizza. Sarah and Heather are in it first, then me. I'm with the long, plain, black sleeved shirt. MY VOICE SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE THAT. And notice the flour all over my pants. xD




Sarah and Heather think I'm weird when I photograph my food...^_^;

Anyway, the main problem with my dough is that is wasn't wet enough (as in, the dough didn't have enough water), and it formed a crust in the fridge over night so it wasn't soft and didn't rise well.


It tasted AWESOME. Everyone loved it, including myself. I'm definitely making it again and again and again.


~Amber~ said...

Delicious looking pizzas! Great job on the challenge.

Honey Pickles said...

Your pizza's look delicious. Great video!

Lynn said...

I think you did an incredible job. I didn't begin to cook until my 20s. Your pizzas look terrific. Great job!

Miss Ifi said...

That just looks sooo much fun, you girls really make me want to have a pizza tossing party. Congratulations on a challenge really well done!!


Christina said...

Funny video! I can't believe how fearless you guys were; I would have lived in terror that the dough would tear, much less playing pizza toss, lol!

Hungry Hamster said...

Haha, you guys looked cute in the video! I have no 'hand-eye' coordination, so I'd probably have dropped it long time ago if I was doing that with my friends! :)

Your pizza looked like it turned out perfectly!